With its innovative CanalPro Syringe Fill Station, COLTENE presents a solution for the safe filling of syringes for the traditional endodontic rinsing protocol.
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GuttaFlow® bioseal

GuttaFlow® bioseal actively supports regeneration in the root canal. In contact with fluids, the bioactive material provides natural repair components such as calcium and silicates.
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Applicable to all dental techniques


The unique colour and contrast combinations show details with even more clarity. At the same time, the dark background helps in the qualitative assessment of the impression result.


BRILLIANT EverGlow is the newest composite from COLTENE. What makes BRILLIANT EverGlow really outstanding is its sophisticated combination of aesthetic qualities, mechanical strength and optimal handling properties.

Product Specialisation

Innovation is key to the success of COLTENE. Our continuous product improvements are driven by knowledge gained from well-established and ongoing dialogue with the world's leading specialists and opinion leaders, as well as practitioners. It is our top priority to offer our customers state-of-the-art products. At our development centers in Cuyahoga Falls (Ohio, USA). Langenau (Germany) and Altstätten (Switzerland), we draw from the latest findings in polymer chemistry and materials science. Our products and technologies are protected by appropriate patents in order to secure and expand our leading position. A significant portion of the company's proceeds is invested in research and development.

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COLTENE is an internationally leading developer, manufacturer and seller of consumables and small equipment for dental practitioners. COLTENE has been the leading developer and manufacturer of high-precision impression materials and innovative, aesthetically-pleasing filling materials since the mid-sixties. In 1990, the Swiss Coltène AG joined forces with the American company Whaledent Inc., a producer of technical dental consumables established in 1956 in New York. Since then, the Company operates in the marketplace under a common brand Coltène.

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